group vacation

When it comes to a getaway for a large group such as a big family, a vacation home is always better than a hotel suite. It is always knee-jerk decision to choose a hotel over a rental vacation home. If you look closer at the features and offerings of a rental vacation home, you will change your arrangements for your next family or group vacation:

  • Longer stay means more savings. As you know, hotels generally charge per night. This is where a vacation home starts to become more attractive. A rental vacation home is more flexible when it comes to your length of stay. If you stay longer at a vacation home, the cost per night will be significantly less than a hotel’s charge for one night. This is usually applicable to beach vacations. A mountaintop getaway for the long weekend may require a suite instead. Decide where you want to unwind as a group and see if a rental vacation home is available in that area.
  • It has a better, more private location. If you choose a rental vacation home with a beachfront is more expensive than the one situated miles away from the spot you want to enjoy. Vacation homes far away from the beach or the mountain are much cheaper, but you would have to rent a car to go anywhere.
  • Larger space. If you are bringing a large group or your entire family, a vacation home is more suitable. An entire house with many bedrooms and more than one bathroom is the perfect place to stay. In a hotel, you would have to stay in a suite which may not have enough bed space. You would end up moving some of your family members or friends to other smaller rooms. This would cost even more. A rental vacation home also has a spacious pool, kitchen, living room, porch, and veranda that you and your party can enjoy anytime you want.

Renting a vacation home for your party is more convenient and practical than staying at a hotel. A rental vacation home has more privacy and more space, which are very nice to have when you are with your friends or family.

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