Going to a place you have never been before is very exciting. Usually, you get too excited to make sure you will be staying somewhere pleasant during your vacation. The internet is filled with so many vacation rental homes. They are usually made to look inviting and beautiful. Others are merely represented by photos that are not really photos of the place you are checking out. The worst thing that could happen is to end up staying in a dilapidated vacation home, not even surrounded by a view or some landscape.

Below are some pointers to consider in choosing a vacation rental home in Buffalo, New York or in any place,  you would like to visit:

  • Know how accessible the transportation is. It is always better to ask how the transportation is in the area where your vacation rental home is situated. Be sure that it is convenient for you to go to places you want to visit and then return to your vacation rental home. Be clear on this matter before you close the deal.
  • Always read reviews. Go to the reviews section of the vacation rentals you are checking out. Read the reviews carefully. Previous tenants give the best feedback about the vacation rental home. They provide you with things to expect the moment you arrive there. Reviews are usually honest, whether they are pleasant or not.
  • Study the photos and list of amenities thoroughly. Before you make reservations, be clear with the real set up and features of the vacation home. Do not rely on the colorful photos and the layout of the place. You should get what you pay for, especially since you’re staying at a vacation home in an unfamiliar area.
  • Check for any annoyance in the area. It is alright to immerse yourself in a community, where the vacation rental home is located. Expect locals to be present but check certain annoying elements such as a noisy neighborhood, construction, trash, and unruly people. Your vacation rental home is supposed to be a place of refuge in an unfamiliar place. It would be nice to stay in one that doesn’t have annoyances waking you up when you’re trying to relax and sleep.

Make your experience in Buffalo an unforgettable one. Choose your vacation rental home in Buffalo, as well as in any other place you want to visit. It makes a huge difference when you stay somewhere pleasant, while relaxing during your well-deserved vacation.

When it comes to a getaway for a large group such as a big family, a vacation home is always better than a hotel suite. It is always knee-jerk decision to choose a hotel over a rental vacation home. If you look closer at the features and offerings of a rental vacation home, you will change your arrangements for your next family or group vacation:

  • Longer stay means more savings. As you know, hotels generally charge per night. This is where a vacation home starts to become more attractive. A rental vacation home is more flexible when it comes to your length of stay. If you stay longer at a vacation home, the cost per night will be significantly less than a hotel’s charge for one night. This is usually applicable to beach vacations. A mountaintop getaway for the long weekend may require a suite instead. Decide where you want to unwind as a group and see if a rental vacation home is available in that area.
  • It has a better, more private location. If you choose a rental vacation home with a beachfront is more expensive than the one situated miles away from the spot you want to enjoy. Vacation homes far away from the beach or the mountain are much cheaper, but you would have to rent a car to go anywhere.
  • Larger space. If you are bringing a large group or your entire family, a vacation home is more suitable. An entire house with many bedrooms and more than one bathroom is the perfect place to stay. In a hotel, you would have to stay in a suite which may not have enough bed space. You would end up moving some of your family members or friends to other smaller rooms. This would cost even more. A rental vacation home also has a spacious pool, kitchen, living room, porch, and veranda that you and your party can enjoy anytime you want.

Renting a vacation home for your party is more convenient and practical than staying at a hotel. A rental vacation home has more privacy and more space, which are very nice to have when you are with your friends or family.

Going on a well-deserved vacation is always associated with a hotel booking. Have you ever thought of veering away from the conventional room service experience? Renting a vacation home is far better and more fulfilling than staying in a hotel room. Below are some of the reasons why staying at a vacation home is much better than staying in a hotel:

• More economical. Renting a vacation home is better for your budget because you get more value for money. You would think you’d pay more if you have a large group or family with you, but no. Instead, you save more. Instead of ordering room service, a vacation home has its own kitchen, where you can cook whatever you like, at any time of day. Some vacation homes even offer the skills of their private cooks. Having your private kitchen saves you money and time, eating at restaurants in the area.

• You have your own laundry area. A vacation home has a large capacity washing machine and dryer, so that you can wash small loads of laundry at a time. This way, you won’t need to go home with dirty laundry anymore.

• You have more space and privacy. When you check into a hotel, all the space you get to enjoy on your own private time is our hotel room. In a vacation home, every space in the home and outside of it are yours to enjoy.

If it has an outdoor pool, a private beach, or a Jacuzzi, then you can spend time in it without sharing it with other guests. Another perk of staying in a vacation home is that no housekeeping personnel knocks on your door and no unruly next-door guest spoils your day. You have complete privacy when you stay in a vacation home.
A vacation home is the most convenient and most comfortable place to stay during your getaway.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to rent it.

At one of our Niagara Falls vacation homes, we want you to have the best of experiences that the Niagara area has to offer. We not only offer a comfortable place to stay, we can point you in the right direction for a great adventure! How about spend part of your day exploring the falls?

The Cave of Winds & The World Changed Here Pavilion

Not only are the falls a natural wonder of the world, they’re a part of history!
When visiting the World Changed Here Pavilion you will find out what the falls looked like prior to it becoming a park and learn why people have been traveling here from all over the world for hundreds of years. You will learn how Tesla used the falls to create an alternating current by harnessing the falls’ power.

Once you’re finished learning about the falls through history it will be time to experience the power of this magnificent natural wonder for yourself. After getting dressed in a poncho and sandals, you’ll descend about 175 feet into the wonderous Niagra Gorge. After you descend in the elevator you’ll have the opportunity to travel along the wooden walkways and onto the “Hurricane Deck” where you’ll be able to experience the might of the Bridal Veil Falls.

You’re going to be a short 20 feet away from the cascading water! No place else allows you to be this close to the glory of the falls. You’ll be so close to the falls that the spray is going to hit you which is why you’ll have a great bright yellow poncho to wear!

*** Fun Fact:

Each fall the decks and walkways are removed to be waterproofed and repainted and to protect them from the ice and harsh cold that comes with Niagara winters! When spring returns, the walkways are put back into place to give us another two seasons of Waterfall fun!

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There are many wonderful attractions in the Niagara area. One such attraction is the Aquarium of Niagara. At the aquarium you and your children can learn about the various animals that they have there. Not just your ordinary aquarium, the Aquarium of Niagara is a rescue facility and takes every opportunity to educate everyone that visits.

Things To Do:

Behind the Scenes Tour
Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an aquarium? Take the opportunity to see how the animals are cared for and even how the staff trains some of the animals! Learn how much food it takes to take care of all of the animals, visit the touch tank, and watch the sea lion show!

Touch Tank
This is a great experience for the kids! Let them get hands-on with ocean life and find out what some of the ocean animals feel like when touched. The kids can learn which animal is which and find out what it is that they eat. It’s an educational experience that the kids will love.

Animal Encounters

Meet A Seal
Adult or child, this experience lets you take a closer look at the training and care of the animals at the aquarium as well as having the opportunity to get hands-on with one of the seals. A truly memorable experience.

Meet a Penguin:
During this experience, you can learn all about penguins! Learn how penguins act, how they care for each other, and even how to tell them apart! You can touch and pet a real live penguin! This is a great way to spend an afternoon!

There are many great ways to spend your day when you choose to stay at The Butler House! Dozens of experiences await you only a short distance from our front door.